We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein

How does one become freer and more aware?
Free to become the person one wishes to be for the rest of one’s life.
Aware of oneself, one’s relation to others and one’s contribution to the world.

Hi! My name is

Hugues Le Gendre

I facilitate change, whether it is needed at an individual, team or organisational level.

In practice, I contribute on subjects of: scaling up, internal culture, mission and alignment, psychological safety, innovation and creativity, digital transformation, agile management, professional transition, etc.

This support is variable depending on the need and the context: I am an individual and collective professional coach, facilitator of collective intelligence, trainer and consultant.

I have a particular appetite for human subjects in technical contexts: support for CTOs and their teams, especially in growing startups.

I am a polymath: that is to say that I am deeply interested in a large number of very diverse subjects. For example: mathematics, psychology, code, spirituality, data-science, design, finance, writing, strategy, carpentry, rock climbing, etc.

Even if it’s harder to “sell” (I have been independent since 2015 and have 15 years of diverse but resolutely entrepreneurial professional experiences), I have chosen to embrace this multipotentiality rather than presenting a unique facet of my singularity. And I was told that it gave me a “relevant impertinence” (synthesis of ideas, speed of learning and adaptability) on subjects that the world needs, with an approach that is both grounded in reality and humanist.

Distinctive marks

  • 🤗 I have a wife and two kids who are my masters and teach me a lot on myself
  • 🤓 I still invest a lot of free time in coding
  • 🤔 I publish my learnings (in French) in this section of the site


  • 🚀 Entrepreneurship, innovation, ideation, design thinking
  • 💫 Individual (personal and professional) coaching, team coaching
  • 🤸 Digital transformation, agile methods, facilitation
  • 🎯 Company steering, management, strategic thinking, fund-raising, business planning, restructuring and industrialisation
  • 🎁 Product development, marketing, traffic acquisition
  • 👨‍💻 Development of IT architecture & web applications
  • 🧮 Mathematical & financial modeling, data mining & science


Because I came to know the impact Nature has on my balance and actualization, and because I believe we must actively regenerate it, I chose to become an entrepreneur-philanthropist for 1% for the Planet .
And you could do the same 😇