Hugues Le Gendre

Fish: A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

de Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul et John Christensen (éd. de 2000)

Quatrième de couverture

Here's another management parable that draws its lesson from an unlikely source--this time it's the fun-loving fishmongers at Seattle's Pike Place Market. In Fish! the heroine, Mary Jane Ramirez, recently widowed and mother of two, is asked to engineer a turnaround of her company's troubled operations department, a group that authors Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen describe as a "toxic energy dump." Most reasonable heads would cut their losses and move on. Why bother with this bunch of losers? But the authors don't make it so easy for Mary Jane. Instead, she's left to sort out this mess with the help of head fishmonger Lonnie. Based on a bestselling corporate education video, Fish! aims to help employees find their way to a fun and happy workplace. While some may find the story line and prescriptions--such as "Choose Your Attitude," "Make Their Day," and "Be Present"--downright corny, others will find a good dose of worthwhile motivational management techniques. If you loved Who Moved My Cheese? then you'll find much to like here. And don't worry about Mary Jane and kids. Fish! has a happy ending for everyone. --Harry C. Edwards

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De l'observation du mode de fonctionnement de marchands de poissons connus dans le monde entier pour leur efficacité et joie au travail, les auteurs extraient 4 principes qui sont applicables dans toutes les entreprises pour améliorer le moral et les résultats. Très facile à lire sous forme de roman.