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Managing Corporate Lifecycles: Complete Edition

de Ichak Kalderon Adizes (éd. de 2017)

Quatrième de couverture

In his breakthrough book 'Corporate Lifecycles', Dr. Ichak Adizes, one of the premier authorities on organizational transformation, traced the typical corporate path from inception to decline, revealing patterns of growth and change common to businesses as varied as Bank of America to Domino's Pizza. Now, in 'Managing Corporate Lifecycles - The Complete Kindle Edition', he brings readers up-to-date on his theory and practice by combining the content of Managing Corporate Lifecycles: Volumes I and II in one convenient download. This book guides your company to PRIME with speed and efficiency, covering the different stages of a company lifecycle such as Courtship, Infancy, the Wild Go-Go Years, and Adolescence. The Complete Edition also reveals strategies for avoiding the typical downhill path - starting with the Signs of Aging (such as Risk Avoidance), the descent into protocol dominated Aristocracy; and culminating in the final stages of decay: Recrimination, Bureaucracy, and Death. In addition, Dr. Adizes provides powerful tools you can use to enhance organizational problem-solving capability, eliminate the structural causes of corporate aging, and raise a healthy organization. Through his unique viewpoint and methodology, Dr. Adizes teaches the techniques to revolutionize your business, not just temporarily, but opens the way for your organization to thrive - indefinitely!

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