Hugues Le Gendre

Modern Web Development on the JAMstack

de Mathias Biilmann et Phil Hawksworth (éd. de 2019)

Quatrième de couverture

The comprehensive guide to JAMstack best practices This practical report explains how to run your web projects—from simple sites to complex applications—on the JAMstack, a modern web architecture for deploying fast, secure and highly-scalable sites that don’t require a traditional origin server. With this report, you’ll explore: Methods for solving web development challenges—from bloated legacy architecture to managing microservices Why the JAMstack’s cleaner architecture eliminates the need to scale sites up front How separating the frontend from your build process makes maintenance easier Best practices for adopting the JAMstack in your organization A case study that examines how Smashing Magazine applied the JAMstack for commerce, authentication and membership, and publishing at scale

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