Hugues Le Gendre

The Emotionally Intelligent Office: 20 Key Emotional Skills for the Workplace

de The School of Life (éd. de 2018)

Quatrième de couverture

Modern businesses place huge emphasis on technical training, yet a lot of what determines the success or failure of an organisation has nothing to do with the traditional 'hard' skills taught at business school, but rather the sophisticated 'soft' skills that are key to emotional maturity. The Emotionally Intelligent Office introduces us to twenty core emotional skills that can help businesses and individuals to flourish. They range from giving and receiving honest feedback and accepting that it's OK to fail, to addressing jealousies and insecurities within teams. We learn about how our childhoods continue to have an often unhelpful impact on how we deal with colleagues and the best ways we might speak so that others will listen. This book is informed by the practical work that the Business division of The School of Life carries out, endeavouring to change the culture within organisations around the world by teaching teams the art of emotional intelligence.

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